Dispensary SEO

Cannabis & Dispensary SEO | 2020 | Best SEO For Dispensaries

Dispensary SEO

Cannabis & Dispensary SEO | 2020 | Best SEO For Dispensaries

As the cannabis industry booms, it is the best time for dispensaries to grab growth opportunities. As paid advertising does not work for this industry because of the niche of the target audience, SEO is one of the best ways when it comes to marketing a dispensary.

The problem with a cannabis business is that it has to cater to a very specific group of users. The best way to reach such customers is through SEO. It helps cater to the needs of people who are actually interested in cannabis products. In this guide, we talk about all you should know when using SEO for your dispensary.

Dispensary SEO – A Complete Guide

Search Engine Optimization is an organic way to get real traffic to your website and dispensary. SEO helps increase the visibility of your business on search engines to get a higher number of high-quality visitors to your website. This is done with the help of keyword-rich content that search engines use to find out how relevant your website is for the person searching for something related to cannabis.

As the industry is still illegal on a federal level, dispensaries cannot rely on traditional forms of advertising to grow their business. As it is a controlled substance, you cannot advertise them on TV, radio or print. Google Ads or social media advertising doesn’t work when it comes to marketing cannabis-related products or content.

Digital marketing offers a great alternative to cannabis businesses interested in gaining an edge and standing apart. They focus on attracting organic traffic through relevant content and SEO. Legal cannabis dispensaries can use SEO to increase awareness, drive targeted traffic and increase sales without going through the restrictions put on paid advertising and social media marketing.

Cannabis SEO & Marketing

Cannabis SEO

Website Optimization

The first requirement for an effective SEO for your cannabis business is to optimize your website. Make sure you have a simple, flat website structure that makes your site easy to navigate. Then, there is a lot you can do for your website, but the two most important things are:

Page Speed

The loading speed of your website affects your SEO. Firstly, it affects ranking because Google gives preference to fast loading pages. Secondly, people coming to your website can leave the site if it takes a lot of time to load. So, make sure you optimize the website to get faster loading pages.

Mobile Optimization

Google will not rank your website if it is not mobile-responsive. With over 50 percent of users visiting your website from their mobile phones, it is clear that your site has to be optimized for mobile. Make sure you have a mobile-friendly user interface which ensures the user can navigate
smoothly regardless of the device used.

Local SEO

It is a good idea to consolidate your local market before extending the dispensary’s reach on a global level. Your local customer base can help you proceed on the road when the competition is so high. To start with, list your dispensary on local directories. Focus on ranking on the Google business listings as well as other local directories to get some visibility.

Another thing you can focus on is reviews from your customers. Post genuine user reviews on these listings to build trust and authority among the target audience. Your prospects are likely to read what other customers have to say before buying from you. The feedback you receive from your customers help you fine-tune your service as well as products.

SEO For Dispensaries

SEO for dispensaries

Content Optimization

Talking about SEO for dispensaries, there is a lot that needs attention but content is something that remains the most significant for search engines. The content you post on your website also converts visitors into customers. This means it is a good idea to create appealing content that is relevant to the readers.

You should create a search-friendly content to optimize it for specific search phrases. It needs that you begin with keyword research. Once you find the most effective keywords, you can include them into your content to make it relevant. An informative piece of content that educates and informs the readers is likely to hold higher authority. Such content also appeals to the visitors as it answers their questions.

Link Building

Link building has always remained effective for search engine rankings. Getting backlinks for your website is a powerful tool when it comes to using SEO for dispensaries. When other authoritative websites link to pages on your website, Google knows that your site should be ranked.

Quality backlinks are vital to cannabis businesses and can rank your dispensary higher depending on the keywords. However, it is not easy to get quality backlinks for cannabis. Firstly, you need a quality piece of content that other businesses would want to link to. It is important that you stick to organic methods of getting backlinks.

Best Weed & CBD Keywords

When your website is optimized for SEO, you should focus on keyword research to make sure you get the right type of visitors. Think about user intent to find the most relevant keywords for your dispensary. The main keyword for a dispensary to get people to the home page is ‘Dispensary + The service location). Ranking for this keyword will get you a lot of business.

While there are numerous keywords that attract huge volumes on the search engines, you can aim to use keywords like ‘cannabis tinctures’ which have a low difficulty. This keyword works for stores that use other modifiers such as ‘best’, ‘prices’, ‘buy online’, etc. The CBD keywords with the highest volumes are ‘CBD oil’ and ‘CBD oil benefits’.


SEO is one of the most effective ways to market your dispensary though it can be a task to get it right. This guide should provide an insight on the factors you should focus on. You should keep patience and give enough time to the SEO to show you results. It takes time to optimize pages and build links and get noticed by Google. It is a long game so the idea is to keep optimizing and improving your website on a consistent basis to see desired results.