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Yelp SEO

Yelp SEO

Yelp SEO

What is Yelp SEO?

Yelp is a world-renowned business listing service and crowd-sourced review platform. This recommendation app which was launched in 2004 helps people find restaurants, clubs, events, hotels, coffee shops, salons, and many more in most major cities around the world. Millions of users rely on Yelp for information about local businesses as other users review them, share photos, and participate in related discussions. If you have a business, Yelp is an incredible forum, a crucial asset to growing your customer base. In fact, according to a recent online survey, about 45% of customers say that they check reviews on Yelp before visiting a business.

Just like when you’re aiming to be on top search engine search results, you should also make a conscious effort to have your business on top of Yelp results. This means that when potential customers are using keywords related to your business, your business stays on top or near the top when results are displayed. This is what SEO Yelp conversion is all about. 

Your business should also be to harness the power of Yelp SEO to increase search engine rankings. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo also index Yelp results. This is the reason why you should optimize your profile to help improve your business’ rankings. If you have a business profile on Yelp, you may include key terms on your profile that will significantly impact both search engine and Yelp SEO. This also allows you to maximize conversions by engaging with real community members. Many people are influenced by social proof and prefer to get recommendations from friends when trying out a new brand or service. A well-planned and well-executed SEO strategy will have a lot of gains for your business. Visit our Yelp Local Business post to learn more about how to register on Yelp for a listing.

What are Important Yelp Ranking Factors?

In implementing SEO for Yelp, there are several important factors to consider: 

  • Completeness of profile, including the name of the business
  • Business categories
  • The existence of reviews
  • The number of reviews
  • The quality of reviews
  • Keyword relevance of reviews
  • Reviews of “Elite” members of the Yelping community
  • Smartphone check-ins
  • Relevance and freshness of content

How will you optimize Your Yelp Listing?

Here are key steps to optimize your Yelp listing:

  1. Thoroughly complete business profile – Businesses with complete business profiles are given preferential treatment in terms of ranking. Most users also tend to trust a business that has provided complete information. If there are changes in your business profile, it is important to update it.  Inaccurate information will result in negative customer experiences and low reviews.
  2. Categorize your business – It is important to choose categories to describe your business. Each business is allowed up to 3 categories. One important guideline is to only pick a category that is relevant to your business.
  3. Mention your specialties – Many businesses don’t realize this but mentioning your specialties is crucial in SEO for Yelp. In describing what your business specializes in, it should be filled with keywords that show the benefits you offer, discounts, a well-worded description of your products and services, and what makes your business different from your competitors.
  4. Update your business hours – A pet peeve of many customers is when businesses don’t update their hours of operation. You should also include special hours (i.e. Holidays, Weekends), if applicable.
  5. Use keywords – One important Yelp SEO strategy is using keywords. You have to include the same keywords that you have used for your website’s SEO strategy and apply it to your Yelp profile, particularly in the business information and company history. You may also inadvertently suggest to customers to include keywords and mention your products and services when they write reviews.
  6. Recognize the importance of reviews – Although Yelp explicitly states that businesses should not ask their customers for reviews, they do it anyway.  Customer reviews are important ranking factors in SEO for Yelp. You may subtly encourage reviews by adding Yelp badges on your site or mentioning on your site content how people are responding to your business on Yelp.
  7. Plan your responses to reviews – Your responses to Yelp reviews, both positive and negative, are critical.  Every positive feedback should be responded to because it will further strengthen your relationship with a satisfied customer and guarantee repeat business.  For feedback involving constructive criticism, graciously thank the reviewer and respond in positively. For merited attacks, offer an apology and explain how you would take action.

How do you get a High Rank on Yelp?

Yelp has its own ranking algorithm. Here are top guidelines on how SEO for Yelp will get you to the top: 

Conduct thorough keyword research

The backbone of your Yelp SEO strategy is finding the right keywords. Putting together a list of valuable keywords falls into two categories:

  1. Service-based – the services that your business provides;
  2. Location-based – the exact address of your business including city, zip code, county, suburb, village, or anything else that applies.

Include all your service cities

One important technique for SEO Yelp conversion that’s often forgotten by businesses is to specify all the locations and closest neighbourhoods that they serve. 

Be specific when asking for reviews

When you’re requesting your customers for reviews, remind them to explicitly add what type of service was done and specify where it is located. 

Optimize your images

You can optimize your images by making them keyword-friendly.  SEO for Yelp determines this through text-based signals such as image descriptions, alt tags, and filenames. 

Optimize the description of your business

One good Yelp SEO practice is to make sure that you optimize the description of your business by sprinkling keywords and variations of the keyword in the business description. 

Generate more check-ins

Generating more check-ins will optimize your Yelp SEO ranking. It is also important because it helps create buzz and social proof amongst the community.