Rank and Rent SEO

Here’s What You Need to Know about Rank & Rent SEO

Rank and Rent SEO

Here’s What You Need to Know about Rank & Rent SEO

Rank and Rent SEO is a popular business model that has been adopted by those who wish to make money online. Here is a quick overview of what Rank and Rent SEO is, and how it works.

What is Rank and Rent SEO?

At its most basic, Rank and Rent is an online marketing strategy where you create websites, develop them to the point that they are ranking at the top of search engines for organic results, and then rent them out to local businesses. Hence the term rank and rent. Or you can just sell the leads.

The thing about Rank and Rent SEO is that you do not hand over control of the website you have developed. Everything on that site – the links, the content, the keywords used, etc. – are all controlled by you! 

How Does a Rent and Rank Website Work?

Below we discuss the different steps you need to take to make a rent and rank website work for you.

  • Choose the Right Niche

The success of your rank and rent will depend on the type of business you design your website around. There are two types of businesses you should target:

    • Businesses with fewer job requests, but higher prices per job
    • Businesses with a larger number of jobs needed by locals, but the prices per job will be lower

Think about businesses like: lawyers, dentists, roofing repair, plumbers, restaurants, window tinting, etc. It makes sense that more people need a plumber than a lawyer, for example. 

The idea is to choose niches that are easily ranked and/or have high volume keywords. High volume keywords means often that there is lots of competition which will take more time and harder to rank your website.

  • Location

Choosing the right location also makes a difference. Ideally, if you choose a city that has a population let see below 100,000, your changes of ranking at the top will be much higher, since your competition in these smaller towns (or suburbs) will be much lower. 

  • Building Your Website

Once you have decided on the niche and location, you will need to build your website. Here are the steps you need to take:

    • Choosing the right name

The right domain name that is relevant to searches can make all the difference in the world to your search engine ranking. Therefore, it’s important to include in the domain name to pick your main keyword, for example: fresnorooferpros.com. “fresno roofer” will be your main keyword.

    • Choosing a Content Management System (= CMS)

Once you have chosen your domain name, you need to decide which CMS you wish to use. The most popular platform to use for rank and rent websites is WordPress. 

    • Developing Content

It is extremely important to ensure that the content you create for your website is of high quality. It should mirror the kind of content real businesses would use on their websites. Also, it’s important to have longer content than your competitors. The same goes for # number of pages, you want to have more pages than them.

  • Generating Traffic

Now, you need to generate traffic to your website. There are two ways to generate traffic to your website – free SEO traffic generation & paid traffic generation (Google, Facebook ads, etc.). We will focus on SEO traffic. 

You will need to ensure that your lead landing pages are strong and have relevant and varied content including keywords you want to target. Keywords should be implemented in your meta tags, headings and content itself. It’s important to mention more often your target keywords on the pages than your competitor does to make it more relevant for search engines. This part is called on-page optimization.

In case, your keyword has competition you might need to build back links (social media, citations…) as well in order to get rankings.  

  • Lead Tracking

Once you have set up your website, you have search engine rankings, and the website gets traffic you also need to ensure that you have a tracking mechanism in place! Remember, you need to prove to your customers that you actually are generating traffic to your website, otherwise why would they rent from you or buy your leads?

When you sell your leads, you can use phone number tracking and forward potential customers directly to the company who want to buy your leads. Another way would be to ask customers to fill out a form and forward the emails to the company who’s interested in the leads. This company will pay you on a lead basis! When a company want to rent your website, you can agree upon a monthly fixed fee.