Back links. Too Many, too fast?

Building too many back links, too fast is against Google’s guidelines?

Back links. Too Many, too fast?

Building too many back links, too fast is against Google’s guidelines?

What’s more important, quality or quantity when it comes to backlinks? From the way we see it, this is hardly an easy choice to make. On one hand, you want to be able to create as many backlinks to rank your website higher on Google. On the other, the more natural your backlinks are, the longer the time it will be for you to build them.

So, to categorically answer the question: yes, we do need more backlinks–quantity matters. But quality is important too, and Google seems to tip the scale in its favor with every new guideline update that they make. 

Quality and Quantity–You can have it both

We know you’re raring to push your content to the top of Google’s rankings, but we implore you to be more strategic about this. You have time to strategise–two years at maximum, to be specific. This is how long Google can let you go on without having any backlinks whatsoever. 

Of course, we’re not saying that you should wait two years to create a solid SEO strategy for your website. We’re saying that you should consider how you build those backlinks first. Google frowns at spammy backlinks, and it prefers the natural ones. 

The verdict on backlinks

Allow us to drive our point further with an illustration. 

Scenario A (Quantity): You buy 200 backlinks in one day. 

Scenario B (Quality): You generate 200 backlinks naturally in one day. 

In this case, Google would likely flag you for scenario A, and won’t bat its hypothetical eyelash on scenario B. But we hear you, it’s the same number of links, why doesn it matter? 

 See it’s really not about the number of backlinks that you create in a day. Rather, Google cares about the quality of backlinks that you can naturally generate in a day! 


Also, listen to below Google Webmasters video (22:47 mark):

Just think of it as their way of policing the search engine and discoverability landscape. As long as they can match the right web content with the web user searching for it, then they can hang their hypothetical coat and call it another good day at the office.