Fast Index Pages on Google

How to Get New Pages Indexed Fast in Google

Fast Index Pages on Google

How to Get New Pages Indexed Fast in Google

Without SEO and organic search traffic, the chances of your online business succeeding are very low. This is because research shows that organic search traffic accounts for more than 50% of the traffic you get on your website. 

So, the question is – how do you get your new pages indexed by search engines like Google? Before we answer that question, we need to understand what search engine indexing actually is.

What is Search Engine Indexing?

Search Engine Indexing can simply be described as the process of storing every single web page on the internet in a massive database. 

Search engines have these little computer codes called spiders that crawl through the internet, collecting information on new and updated web pages. That’s how indexing is done.

Is Your Page Indexed?

Before you begin the process of getting your page indexed by a search engine, you should check to see if it is already indexed. You can do this by simply entering the URL of your website in the search box. If your new page is already indexed, it will show up in the search results. For example, if we want to know if the page you’re reading right now was indexed, you can paste within Google’s search bar the following: 

If  the result doesn’t show your new page, this means it hasn’t been indexed yet!

How to Index Your Page

There are many ways in which you can get your new page indexed.

  1. Well, you can wait for it to happen naturally, but if you do you might need to wait weeks or longer, and that’s not good for your business. 
  2. If you wish to have your new page indexed by Google more quickly, then follow below steps:
    • Go to the Search Console of Google
    • Navigate to the URL inspection tool
    • Paste or type in the URL you want Google to index
    • Wait for Google to check the URL
    • Click on the Request Indexing tab

Indexing Factors that Make a Difference

With so many million new pages being added to search engine indexes every day, how can you make sure that your new page is indexed faster? Here are a few factors that influence the search engine indexing process:

  • Switch to a new web host – one that has faster loading speeds. The faster your page loads, the more frequently your page will be crawled. 
  • Frequently update your web pages so that those little spiders crawl through your pages more frequently, and therefore index your pages more often. 
  • Use internal links. Spiders crawl from page to page using these HTML links. The links you use need to be relevant and related to your site. 
  • Ensure the content of your page is good quality. Low quality pages are overlooked during the indexing process. You can use a content audit tool to ensure that you page has quality content. 
  • Share your page on high traffic sites (e.g. Quora) and social media – especially Twitter. 
  • Make sure your new pages are added to your sitemap, this way search engines will find your new pages when they crawl your sitemap again.