Apple Maps SEO

Apple Maps SEO, the New Must Have!

Apple Maps SEO

Apple Maps SEO, the New Must Have!

If you are a local business owner and you’re looking to improve your SEO ranking, one of the most basic, if not one of the most important, is your local SEO and how you fare in the maps.  Google Maps has long been lording this in the SEO world, with most businesses ensuring they have a Google My Business listing. However, now there’s a rising star – Search Engine Optimization for Apple Maps.  

Here we list some of the more pressing questions in your mind with regards to Apple Maps Search Engine Optimization.

How Do I Get the Most Out of Apple Maps SEO?

This comes both as a surprise and common sense.  A surprise as Apple Maps didn’t exactly started off well, though Apple has made a lot of improvements since then.  And with millions of Apple users, Apple Maps Search Engine Optimization is a force to reckon with.  

As such it is common sense to have an Apple Maps SEO listing as well, the default iPhone navigation app.  It is also easier to use Siri to search on an Apple phone, rather than the additional step of having to open Google Search or Google Maps.  

In any case, you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by making sure your business listing ranks high in Apple Maps SEO.

Apple Maps Search Engine Optimization, Yelp, Google Maps & Their Relevance to Me

Apple Maps SEO gets information from several business directory sites, including Yelp.  Your Yelp rating is also shown, as well as a link to your reviews. So to make the most out of Search engine optimization for Apple Maps, make sure your business listing are accurate and the same across the board, including Google Maps.  If not, it will definitely affect your Google SERP ranking and you wouldn’t want a drop in that.

How Do I Setup Apple Maps for My Business?

Apple Map SEO is thus crucial to your business success.  Getting your business listed is pretty straightforward. Here’s a step by step process of how you can rank high with SEO Apple Maps:

  • Log in with your Apple ID and password at
  • On the “Add a New Business Page”, choose your business relationship.
  • Enter business name, address and phone #.  If you also have Google and Yelp listings, make sure your details are a match.
  • Have your business phone number verified.  You’ll be asked to enter a PIN# which will be provided when Apple calls you.  Though you can skip this part until later, it is best not to.
  • Select your business category.  Choose the one most applicable to your business.  Keep in mind you’d want to be highly visible and relevant in Apple Maps SEO. 
  • Confirm business hours of operation, especially if you’re available 24/7.
  • Add your websites and social media accounts.  
  • Confirm all your details are complete and accurate to maximize the SEO potential of Apple Maps.  

Apple Maps Search Engine Optimization is one of the things you can do to ensure great online visibility for your business.